Monday, March 25, 2013

Top Ten

10. The way he stretches his head out of his stall and arches his neck when he sees me coming.

9. Mush face from eating his hanging treat.

8. The arched tail and bouncy trot when he is feeling good and showing off.

7. How he whinnies when he hears my voice, even if I am on the far side of the barn and he is outside.

6. How he lips and pulls at my clothing to get my attention.

5. How yesterday in the snow, he ran as fast as he could back up the fenceline.

4. The wide-eyed, ears forward, nostrils flared happiness he shows when he is turned loose to play.

3. The way he will stop in the middle of being completely wild and walk up to me to shove his head against my chest.

2. His WTF snort at anything he doesn't understand.

1. His willingness to be a great partner to me.

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