Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saddle Issues, Still

We went to the barn tonight to take pictures of how the saddle fit so that I can go back to Down Under Saddlery tomorrow night and talk to them about why the saddle just doesn't fit.

You can see the marks of the saddle still on his back and I haven't ridden him since Saturday.

When you look at the pad for the saddle you can see where all the weight is resting when I ride. We are taking both photos, saddle and saddle pad in with us tomorrow night.

Side view, which they need to be sure I am placing the saddle in the correct position.

And from the other side.

From the front at a 45 degree angle. Does it look like it fits to you?

From the other side.

From the back left.

And from the back right.

Why are we going back in? Because he gets so tender after being ridden for three days in a row, that he doesn't want me to touch his back. This will be my sixth visit back to the saddle shop in the year that I've owned the saddle. This was the saddle the woman at the saddle shop recommended that I buy and it just doesn't fit his back. I'm hoping we can figure something out or put him in a saddle that fits him.

I will let you know how it turns out, since we are going tomorrow night at 4.

I didn't ride tonight, but I did turn him loose in the arena. And we got some video. It's pretty nice that the arena has all it's lights again.


I love the snorting and I think he is moving pretty good.

J came into the arena and chased him around, which is when he started making all of the really cool noises.

It's been a really long time since I posted video to my YouTube channel. It's been a long time since J came to the barn with me at night.

He was warm and a little tired by the time we were done.

I'll update tomorrow on the continuing saddle saga.

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