Friday, August 7, 2020


 So, Ashke is now training canter half-pass, three tempis, canter pirouette and medium trot. He loves the "tricks" and even when we start out awkwardly, once he gets it he tries really hard to get better. Since we were getting pretty solid on the three tempis, I asked Amanda to start our lesson on Thursday night with an assessment of where he was. I wanted to know if he was close enough that we could start training two tempis or if we needed to continue working on polishing the three tempis.

It was a marvel to watch Amanda ride him. She is so elegant and kind rider, but she knows what he can do, so he's not allowed to get away with a lot of the things he "talks" me out of or into. He figured it out pretty quick that he's not to throw his head up when he starts his canter transition and he's not allowed to bury his head in her hands on the downward transitions. I know, so mean to expect him to carry himself. Funny how much better he was with me afterwards, and more willing to abide by the expectations.

I didn't get a lot of video, but doesn't he look gorgeous
So, Amanda says his recovery between changes is a stride and a half, so not good enough for twos yet, but getting there. We spent the rest of the lesson working on transitions, half-pass at the canter while remaining on the bit (so mean) and our medium trot. My legs really hurt today. Slowing his medium trot to a collected trot using my seat and legs only almost killed me.