Friday, March 1, 2013

Ashke and Psychic

I thought I would detail the information from Ashke's Psychic conversation in more detail than I had in the past. I am going to bullet point the information as I listen to the recording.

  • His forefeet are fast. He loves his legs. His legs are part of his ability to perform.
  • He is very smart in the way of understanding what people want. In general, he likes people. He likes being talked to the same way humans talk to each other. He's very smart and can figure out what people want. 
  • He knows that I am wanting more out of him and he is willing to do so, I just need to tell him what I want him to do. A willing partner. 
  • He wants me to be straighter in the stirrups, especially from the knees to the ankles. He wants me to be straight because it will help strengthen my pelvis and lower back. (I have issues at my SI joint and the disc at my L5 vertabre) He wants me to be stronger so he doesn't lose me.
  • He sees himself as an advanced horse in his skill level and that I am advanced too. He sees us as compatible.
  • He sees himself as young and feels great. 
  • The bit was too big for his mouth. He didn't like how it was shaped or the size of it. (I have changed it since then and he seems to enjoy the new bit.)
  • He wants to run with me. He wants to show me how graceful in flight he is. 
  • He had only had someone on his back three times prior to coming to me.
  • He likes the saddle we are using. 
  • He injured his right hip, bruised. Tight hamstring. He fell. It was an unexpected fall. He thinks the girth muscle group over his right ribs is wrinkled, wants that worked on first, then work on the right hind quarter. 
  • He didn't fall on purpose, he is very good on his feet.
  • He was very pleased with Michelle and how she trimmed him. Liked having his toes short in front - it helps him to move fast.
  • He is pleased that he has his forever home. He says he was really dirty when he came to me and he likes to be kept clean. He is very proud of his heritage and his color and he wants to be kept clean.
  • He feels much better in his belly and internal region now. His colic in June was diet related.
  • He is feeling much stronger and healthier in his GI area now.
  • He likes his mane clipped short and even. (She had no idea I had just cut his mane short.) He doesn't want a messy head. He likes to be neat.
  • He likes grooming. A lot.
  • He wants to run. He is made for running like a speed rabbit. Although, the hamstring muscle still needs to be rehabilitated in order for him to be able to move the way he wants to move. There is an issue with the muscles on the right side of his ribs (will mention this to Diane). From just behind the right shoulder up over the right loin.
  • Very strong in the shoulder.
  • His teeth are good now.
  • He sees himself as a good riding partner. He is not a fruit loop mentally. He doesn't carry the baggage from his starvation or his lack of education forward with him. He had been ridden before, not much, but enjoys being a riding partner.
  • He nips when I am cinching him up because he is belly sensitive. He is mistrustful and worried that I will do it too much, too fast, too tight. He isn't typically spooky, but doesn't like the cinch being pulled tight.
  • In the past, someone jerked the cinch up quickly and he was tied tightly to a fence rail and couldn't do anything to protest. It was yanked and wasn't gentle. He is afraid I am going to do the same thing and is trying to protect himself. He knows I am being gentle, but he is still afraid.
  • I need to say "Ouch" loudly when he reaches out with his mouth. He understands what that means and will stop.
  • His licking is a form of affection. It reminds him of being licked by his mother.
  • He is fine nutrient wise, with great vision. His body is balanced nutritionally.
  • His muscles were like jerky when he first came to me, but has since filled in.
  • His shoulders are fine. There is no damage to his shoulder. (The vet thought his shoulder was damaged when the vet first looked at him.)
  • No damage, but his muscles on the right haunch are just tight.
  • He wants to be a performer and go fast. He is ready to increase his riding time, in small increments. I need to pay attention to his breathing and as his breathing improves he can do more.
  • He considers himself a touchy-feely horse. He sees himself in my pocket and following me around.
  • No baggage. Not destroyed mentally.
  • Problems with the bit. It is too big in his mouth.
  • Doesn't need a lot of blankets. He runs at a high temperature. Only wants a blanket when he is outside and it is colder than freezing. He likes the blanket he has, but not indoors.
  • He wants to be dressed up.
  • His past doesn't haunt him. He is very resilient. He knew he wasn't supposed to be with his last owner for very long, and when we first saw each other we fell in love. I haven't seen the best of him yet. He is a goof, and wants to wait until we've been together for two years to show me that side of him.
  • He likes dogs.
  • He considers himself a social gentleman. Everybody likes him.
  • He wants me to play with him. He wants to play the "follow you" game. He thinks intellegently about everything we do. And he wants treats to do it. He likes me to spend time with him. He still wants me to come out with him in the cold .
  • He likes being walked around before being ridden.
  • I am too tight in my lower back. I ride well at the walk. The trot is harder because of the tendon. He likes the canter the best because he can go fast. The canter is easier than the trot. He wants to go really fast and I am holding him back.
  • He is ashamed he threw me in June. He likes me very much and is sorry.
  • He is going to take me forward and we are going to cross finish lines. He is going to be my best friend. He thinks I need a male horse best friend. Girls are good for nothing. I don't need a girl horse. (He is jealous of Cali.) He doesn't want me to pet her any more. I should leave her alone and stand next to him. He feels very loyal to me, and wants me to only pay attention to him.
  • He wants me to feed him more peppermints. And then to lick my hand afterwards.
  • He is not too much for me. He doesn't want to lose me. He is in a different place then he was when I was thrown in June. He is aware of my balance and is trying to keep me balanced and on his back.
  • In June, he was also having issues with his jaw. He was still dealing with his teeth being floated and the ulcers.
  • He has come to trust me because I have taken care of all of his issues: his teeth, his coat, his feet, everything.
  • He is not mentally damaged.
  • The more ring time we spend together, the better he would like it. We can work on ground manners. He likes the ground work we were doing over the summer. I can also teach him to do tricks. He is very sociable.
  • He has come into my life to do some healing work for me. He knows there are issues with my lower back. When I am riding him, he is using his energy to work on that region of my back. He is aware of my injury and is trying to make it better.
  • He wants me to do energy work on his right hind.
  • He recovered very quickly from his prior situation. He had worms really bad in his stomach, but they are gone now.
  • He recognizes we have a heart connection.
That was our conversation.

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  1. This is awesome! Is this over the phone? Or having met you?


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