Sunday, March 17, 2013


Nicole and I were supposed to ride out, but she couldn't go cuz her hubby needed her until later and the wind was blowing in 55 mph gusts, so I didn't even saddle up.

Yesterday, J and I went to the Co-op in Brighton and got some Mineral Ice, which is the equine equivalent of Icey Hot. We also got the boy a hanging treat made with molasses, oats  and peppermint, which J strung across his stall so he can chase it to lick it.

Today was about making him feel better.

A friend brought out her three kids, one of which, her only daughter, loves animals and thought it pretty cool to meet Ashke. The boys were planning on geocaching with J and T, but the wind drove them back inside. Ashke got fed enough treats to make him sick (not really) and was brushed and petted til he shown. J agreed with me that the depth of rock in his stall is perfect and we should wait to see what happens before we add more. (So did Rachel, one of the trainers, actually). I shook down his outside run and got the chunks of clay out of his stall. We strung the treat.

The last thing I did before putting Ashke away was use the mineral ice on his back, ribs and hamstring. He reacted so much better to the gel than the liquid liniment. By the time I started on the right side, he was standing calmly, with his head lowered, letting me rub the sore muscles. The gel I got is able to be used prior to working, so I will use it on Tuesday night both before and after my ride. The knot over his flank seemed to be smaller today. I'm hoping the extra rest will help him feel better by Tuesday.

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