Sunday, July 14, 2019

A Tale of Two Tests

We had two shows in June, Saturday and Sunday of the same weekemd, with Jill Barron from Canada as our judge. The Saturday of the show was the day that my divorce was finalized. We are just waiting on the sale of the condo, with the corresponding purchase of a home for T and I, to finally sever the last bits of my shattered marriage. Ashke was pretty solid both days and for the first time, I had zero anxiety It was a great feeling.

The test from Saturday

In kind of a weitd fluke, there were three riders at the upper levels (L3, L5) and all three of us went off course in our dressage test on Saturday. It’s fairly rare to get a course error in dressage, but to have all three of us do so was strange. It rained most of the weekend, with periods of heavy rain showers and it was very difficult to warm up. On Saturday, we were brought into the indoor for ten minutes or so before our tests to warm up inside. That combined with the little bit of warm up we could do in the outside arena was enough. 

I remembered the test this time,

Warm up on Sunday was better than the day before, at least for the dressage test. I thought he gave me a solid ride and that was acknowledged by the judge. I was very pleased by his effort and how well he listened. I think he was a pretty solid citizen and a great partner for our dressage ride. The EOH was another story.