Monday, November 27, 2017


T and J at Winter Park for their first trip of the season. The lift lines were very long and the snow was ice.
Not to mention, only about 18” at the base.
T’s helmet is a Ruroc called the Reaper.
It is lit.

J’s ski bike.
I guess it is very swoops.
And Orange.

Saturday, while J and T were skiing, I took Ashke out to the back forty and we did five miles.
I tracked it.
Five times around the perimeter of the property.
He was very bouncy and not listening very well.
This stretch of ground makes a great galloping track, so much so, that we walked and trotted it.

Every time we got to this point, homie wanted to breakneck gallop.
We did half pass instead.
I know, I’m a complete downer.
However, still alive today, so there’s that.

Got some of my lights up this weekend outside, but had to order some new light strings for the front.
What is it with projector lights?
Costco tree perfectly fits the space we have for it. Will let it relax for a day and decorate it tomorrow night.

I have had some excellent rides on Ashke the past couple of days. I have continued handwalking past the end of the arena and it has helped, although he has been spooky the past couple of days, just in general. So have my dogs. And so have all of the other horses. Something in the air, I think. 

We have worked on lateral work, canter transitions through the walk, cantering on the right lead with haunches in, all of our lateral work and last night we did collected to medium trot and back. He did good. 

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  1. I was looking at facebook this week and some people are putting up photos of their houses with lights up. Then I saw something that looked like a laser show of colorful moving lights on one house. It wasn't easy to make out so I forgot about it. Then someone else posted a photo and it was clear that they also had this laser show on their home. WTH! So I googled projector lights (cuz that was the only way I could describe what I was seeing) and sure enough, it's a thing. I called my husband to come see, and he was shocked too.

    If we did that here, the police would come and tell us to cease and desist. I'm already really pushing the limits because I like colorful lights (see my most recent blog post - I have a string of green and a string of blue - outrageous!). The neighbors have told us they call our house the Las Vegas house (for these blue and green strings). I can only imagine, if my entire house was twinkling....


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