Thursday, November 9, 2017


Tuesday night I went to the barn to help one of my barn buddies body clip her horses. She has two (brother and sister) who are andalusian mixes (I think). Neither had ever been body clipped before and the gelding is blind in his right eye. I did a trace clip on both, and although there were some shenanigans, they both were very, very good at allowing us to finish the job. The lines weren't as clean as I could have hoped, but Sal didn't get sweaty in his lesson last night, so they are doing their job. (I did not clip between their front legs, because that is a trigger point for rearing and I figured it wasn't necessary.

I was too tired to ride after, so I brought the ball down from the loft and tossed it in the arena. Ashke's ears snapped up and he knew exactly what it was for. When I went to get him, he shoved his head in the halter and all but dragged me to the gate, stealing sideways, longing glances at his favorite toy.

I missed the parts of him rearing and striking at the ball because I forgot I had my phone in my pocket. He has gotten much better at putting it where he wants it, though.

And I find it so very funny that the scary end is not so scary when you are playing.

You can hear the horses in their stalls snorting in alarm. I had to laugh every time Ashke took the ball over to show it to Beau (they hate each other the way little kids on the playground hate each other). And I almost lost it when he slid over the top of the ball while he was playing.

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