Friday, November 10, 2017

I Can't Decide

 All I want for Christmas is a Garcia Bit.
With a Mona Lisa mouthpiece.
But I'm having a hard time deciding.
Wanna help?

Bit #1
Such a pretty and elegant bit, but will it be badass enough for my horse?
This is the inlay style and I would get it with the blue inlay.
I like the elegance of the curves and that it has a concho at the mouthpiece, kind of similar to the bit I am riding in now.
Not exactly straight up and down, but with a hint of a curve at the bottom.

Bit #2
Elegant clean lines, with a slight tip at the top of the bit.
Silver overlay, so very pretty without being overwhelming.
My only concern is the height of the piece above the bit.

Bit #3
Very similar in design to the bit we are riding in right now.
A much blingier version.
Would be a blue inlay

Bit #4
Same design, with shorter shanks and a bigger concho
This is the exact bit we are riding in only with silver overlay instead of the brass
 Bit #5
A straighter shank with a big concho
Can you tell I like the style?

 Bit #6
This is a real design change from the other style.
There is no concho at the corners of his mouth, so less side to side pressure.
Not sure how that will effect riding him two handed in the bit.
And the upper shank length may be too long.
It is very pretty though.

Bit #7
I like the design, but overall this is my least favorite out of all of them.
It is designed as a grazing or cutting bit.
I think there is too much curve in the shank and I also think the upper shank, above the bit, is too long for Ashke's head. It might cause the chin strap to sit too high.

Bit #8
From a design point of view, this may be my favorite.
However, I have the same concerns about this bit as I did with the teardrops and moon bit #6.

So which one do you think Ashke will like the best.
They don't trial bits so whatever I buy, I'm stuck with and they are over $500 a piece.
So pick wisely my friends.


  1. Those are some beautiful bits. The shanks vary doing different things. Remember The Ashke is a very refined horse and little in his muzzle and mouth. That being said IMO You need to keep the s the whole look more refined.
    You need to decide what you want in the shank. Straight verses swept back. They do two completely different things.

  2. 8, 1, and 5 are my favorites (in that order). I actively dislike #6.

  3. 1 is my favorite although as Chris said above straight and curved shanks have different functions so that should trump everything. I think 1 is pretty without being overbearing on his face


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