Sunday, November 18, 2012

Super Sore

Ashke was super sore today.

When we got to the barn, Ashke was in the field with Callie and Stoli. We pulled him out and he was super sore and tight in the right hind. He was short striding on his right hind. Poor baby. Adjustments can feel horrible the next day. Everything hurts. I really hope his injury wasn't exacerbated by his slip and slide in the pasture on Friday evening. I didn't know he was running and slipped in the mud on Friday. It might have made a difference in what Diane wanted me to do/know. Not that I think it would really adjust what she thinks is going on, since I really honestly think we have been dealing with this issue since I brought him home.

I took Ashke into the grooming stall and tried to get the mud off of him. I think he enjoys the run and being able to move around at will. However, I'm not crazy about the mud he is collecting. It is really difficult to keep him clean if I can't wash him. After brushing him I spent about fifteen minutes massaging his right hip. He was not real happy about it. There was a pretty good knot over the attachment point right where it knotted up in June. Diane says it's a charlie horse due to the damage to the muscle, not equine exertional rhabdomyolysis. I think this injury might be the sum of everything we have been facing the entire time.

After the massage we walked around the outside of the big outdoor arena. He hobbled. By the end of three circuits Ashke was beginning to move easier and take slightly longer steps on his back right leg. I released him in the round pen and he chased around for a good ten minutes. The boy wouldn't slow down and do an easy trot to save his life. By the end he was moving easier, though, and the limp wasn't as bad as it started out.

I took him back into the grooming stall and rubbed both sides of his hips with liniment. I made sure that I started in front of where Diane made the adjustments and went to his hock on both back legs. I'm going to need to invest in Absorbine if this keeps up. Ashke wasn't crazy about how it felt, but he didn't protest too much. We left him in his stall with a warm mash mixed with carrots.

I certainly hope its not as bad tomorrow night.

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