Sunday, November 4, 2012

Master Campdraft Delluxe

This is the saddle I purchased at the recommendation of an employee at Down Under Saddlery. The adjustments she made yesterday were in the area between the over cinch and the second buckle on the back fringe. She moved the filling back to release the pressure in that area. We have yet to see if it works.

I will take pictures when I go out to ride this afternoon. I will do the test that Diane showed me, feeling where the weight of the saddle rests on his back. My plan is to take the pictures Ricki asked for - tighten the girth with the saddle in position with a blanket, without a blanket, from the side, the front and the back - and I am also going to take pictures of where the pressure on my hand is when I am sliding it under the saddle.

I hope it is better and I can ride today. I'm going to be bummed if this hasn't fixed the issue.

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  1. I don't know if this would work on Askhe's white coat, but you can put baby power on the horse's back, and then put the saddle on (without the blanket) and walk the horse around a little. The saddle will rub off the baby power in the places it has contact with the horse and you can check fit that way. (It might work with Askhe to see where the power gets on the saddle?)


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