Tuesday, November 20, 2012

30 Things

One of the things going on in blog land right now is the giving thanks series of blogs. Bloggers around the world are posting daily something they are thankful for during the month of November. Since I haven't had the opportunity to see Ashke since Sunday morning, I thought this might be a fun blog to try. Horse centric of course and in no particular order.

1. Thee Ashke was given to me last Christmas.
2. J saying flat out we had to rescue him. Period.
3. JJ and LJ for driving me to Amarillo, for being patient with Ashke, and for driving us home.
4. His feet growing in healthy and normal.
5. Fixing the saddle so it doesn't hurt his back.
6. Losing my fear.
7. Weight gain for the horse; weight loss for the rider.
8. Watching T chase bunnies outside the pen while Ashke chases T from inside the pen.
9. Taking a chance on horse soccer and the insanely addicting ball play.
10. Lysine.
11. Taking a chance on chiropractic care and meeting Diane.
12. His incredible eyes.
13. Licking.
14. Peppermint treats.
15. Getting muscles again, for both of us.
16. Trail rides.
17. Nicole and Callie.
18. Having a new place to ride.
19. Indoor arenas.
20. Watching Ashke chase T up the arena and back again.
21. Watching the care with which Ashke allows T to clean his hooves.
22. The warm, sweet smell of horse.
23. The way Ashke bumps my shoulder with his nose when I walk in front of him.
24. His loud, welcoming neigh when he sees me.
25. Ashke's thick, even winter coat.
26. Watching him guzzle his warm bran feed.
27. How easy he is under saddle now.
28. Our Trust.
29. His Try.
30. Love.

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  1. I think I posted in the wrong place..On behalf of Ashke I want to tell you how thankful he is that the three of you entered his life and saved him..he is thankful for a warm stall, plenty of food and treats, a boy to play with, for Karen and Jenn's love and caring,I know it was a hard decision to take him but as Jenn said you 3 were his last chance so thank you all for your
    love and care....ASHKE (typed by mom on his behalf)


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