Thursday, August 23, 2018

Photo shoot: Clever Lark Photography

About a month ago, we did a black background photo shoot with Ashke.
One of my friends at the barn set it up in exchange for a reining bit I had given her.
I definitely got the better end of that deal.

You can see how much muscle he’s developed at the base of his neck and across his withers.

He was very flirtatious with the photographer.

It was an overcast day, which is beneficial, since there are no sharp shadows.
The natural light and the camera create the black background.

I should have gotten some hoof black and darkened his hooves but I didn’t even think of it.

This is the best head shot of the group.
I love his eye and his expression here.

The photographer did a great job of photoshopping me out of the picture here.
I was offering a treat from the far side of him and he was bowing.

This was an amazing photo shoot. You can see the reason why the breeders considered him for their breeding program and the qualify of his lineage. I am awestruck at the muscle he has developed. And his face and eye are magnificent. I am a bit biased, I know, but you have to admit he is spectacular.


  1. He looks amazing, what a great photoshoot! I like the ears-perked looking out one, shows his alert expression. (I'd love to do one of the black-backgorund shoots, but we sadly have no barn, so I'll have to stick with all the between-the-ears photos!)

  2. I still can’t get over how lovely these turned out! She brought out the very best of Ashke! ❤️

  3. Nice photos of your handsome boy!

  4. What a treasure to have these photos. I love them all.

  5. He is absolutely stunning and these photos are incredible!! Wow!

  6. Wow!! He has always been a looker, but these photos make him simply stunning! May have to get her out to Spirit Heart to do Aria.

  7. Your favorite is also mine, cuz his eye is so bright. How did you get him so clean? I like the natural hoof polish. I also love the bowing one.

    1. I use Vetrolyn White N Brite and start with his mane and tail first. I use plenty of shampoo and rub it until the purple is gone, then let it stand on the hair for a good five minutes while I work on other parts. Then I rinse very good and use Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner on mane and tail. It produces a white that is amazing. And, he had been bathed that morning. :)


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