Sunday, August 19, 2018

Vacation: Bryce Canyon

I remember visiting Bryce Canyon when I was really young - no images really, just the underlying knowledge that I had been there at some point in my young childhood. We were making our way to Southern California when I suggested we detour south from I-70 to Bryce Canyon enroute to St George. It was well worth the trip.

The drive into Bryce

Red Canyon area

I love road trips because the world unfurls before your eyes like a magic carpet.

The area is just miles north of the Grand Canyon.

The tour bus takes you to the highest observation point and lays the canyon open before you.

There are hiking paths down and I know some riders who have ridden in the park this summer.
(Bucket list for sure.)

It was part of the Anazasi territory 

The limestone cliffs have holes and caves riddled through them

 I get a very strong urge to go explore, but there is no way down other than to rappel and we had no gear.

Looking back toward the park entrance at the next lookout spot.

There is an unprotected trail that runs along the rim between look out points. I would have been very tempting to hike it, however, T was in all black, I was in sandals and we had no water. Next time, if there is a next time, we will be better prepared. 

The process of erosion has eaten away the soft, porous rock and left towering spires of red stone.

The spires look like stalagmites without the cave roof overhead

You can see the hiking path winding through the spires and trees below.

Six feet in front of him was a five hundred foot drop to the valley floor

He found it pretty funny to freak me the hell out as only the invincible teen can do.

Literally, hanging off the edge

Might be one of my favorite photos of him of all time

It is breath taking. Right at the edge of comprehension

Stunning in a way that only the natural world can be.
It was definitely worth the side trip.

If it’s not officially one of the seven wonders of the world, it should definitely be in the top ten.


  1. Something about T in those photos made me think of a baby Luke Skywalker. Maybe it was the black against all of that desert rock? Bryce Canyon is gorgeous!! I had wondered if it was connected to the Grand Canyon when you posted the pics on FB. :)

    1. It was pretty amazing to be there, for sure. And he could be a young Luke without the whiney, cry-baby attitude. :)

  2. spectacular scenery! And T looks very handsome (though I'm completely reminded, in an awesome way, of my 80s adolescence and Flock of Seagulls. All fashion comes around again.)

    1. He so reminds me of Chandler in Friends in one of the flash backs that they show. So Flock of Seagulls.

      He got more compliments on his hair . . . .


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