Saturday, January 4, 2014


We got a storm today with highs in the low 20's. Might I point out it hit 61 yesterday. Colorado is psychotic, I swear.

I stayed up until almost midnight making meat rolls for breakfast this morning, so T would have good food to eat on our way to catch the bus for Winter Park. He woke me up at 12:45 having some kind of nightmare. Then he woke me up at 3:50 needing his mattress and blankets fixed (he was cold). Then the alarm went off at 5:15. I'm tired. But, he had meat rolls for breakfast and he caught the bus on time (he had a great time skiing all day).

I came back home and put away the few Christmas decorations I had put up, rearranged furniture and cleaned the floor. The super sac I purchased for T six months ago was moved back upstairs and Skittle gave us extra loves (who knew the Super Sac was the size of a queen sized bed, very uncomfortable to sleep on and too big for T's room. It has become a very freaking huge dog bed.) Then we ran to the Trading Post to pick up more beads for my browband project. Then we headed to the barn.

It was snowing but N and I braved the weather to ride.

Cali was a bit high. N lunged her for a bit when we first got in the arena and she was channeling her inner rodeo horse.

We worked on Walk-Trot transitions

Stopping from my seat.

Cali and N

Neither horse looks particularly happy in this pic.

He was very good for me today. Despite the lack of riding and the weather.

Cali settled down too.

We went in both directions. Just walk and trot. The indoor was in the low thirties, and I didn't want him sweated up at all. He felt really good and moved very well.

He also Looked At All the Things. Especially J and Cali.

I posted for a little while, which I haven't been able to do before. First, because my core is getting stronger, and second, because it is much easier to do when you are balanced on the balls of your feet and not trying to keep your heels down.

We stopped to admire ourselves.

We did some awesome leg yielding from the quarterline to the rail, which Ashke picked up very quickly. For the first time we are having zero problems with moving laterally.

He was working the bit a lot, listening and trying. All of our lateral work was amazeballs today.

We did sidepassing, leg yields at a trot, turns on the fore and turns on the hind. He was awesome.

J said his lower lip was quivering, he was concentrating so hard.

We had such a great ride. At the end I was riding on a loose rein and turning him in circles with my heel. In both directions. I was so impressed.

Best horse friends, best riding compadre.

Lots of lipstick.

Doing it again tomorrow.


  1. What a great ride!! I'm so happy for you! And you and Ashke look AWESOME in the photos!

    1. He just makes my heart so full. He did such a great job today. And I posted. It was awesome.

    2. May all of your following rides in 2014 be like THIS one!

  2. Sounds like a great ride. Hope you stay warm!

  3. Karen!! You and Ashke look SO AWESOME!


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