Thursday, January 2, 2014


Seems to be the thing to do and I actually managed to meet a lot of mine last year, so when in Rome . . . eat Italian. Hahahahaha. I crack myself up.

Goals for 2014:

Personal Goals:

1. Consistently ride at least 4 days a week. (I would love to make this goal 5 days a week, but I just don't think I could justify it to J and T. I am a wife and mother and not just a horse owner.)

2. Continue to pursue my current path of weight loss and fitness. Eat less and ride more. (This is not scale based, but rather focused on how I feel and how strong my body is. I am much more interested in increasing my riding, then I am in how much weight the scale says I have lost.)

3. Continue to increase my back strength and core. (I have seen huge changes in my body since starting dressage. I hope that as I continue to work on this discipline, the strength in my core will continue to increase, while the pain in my back continues to improve.)

4. Take a lesson with Cassandra every two weeks during the winter.  (This is completely doable. I have already paid for the winter. Hopefully, I will be able to scrape up the money to continue them on a monthly basis throughout the year.)

5. Learn more about Dressage and tests. (Complete noob when it comes to dressage. I need to do some studying and learn what I can about the movements, tests, patterns, etc.)

Ashke's Goals:

1. Compete in at least one 25 mile Endurance Ride. (My first goal would be to ride in the Kenlyn Urban Challenge in Aurora, CO in May. IF we completed and I didn't die and Ashke finished sound, then I would want to do the Happy Jack Endurance Ride at Vedauwoo, WY in August.)

2. Compete in the virtual Working Equitation Event in October of 2014. (This will require the construction of props for the Ease of Handling Trial, and a dressage test, which I can work on with Cassandra.)

3. Compete in a RMDS Dressage Schooling Show sometime in 2014. (I know N is planning on doing the show circuit in 2014 and figure since I am going to be hauling in with her, I might as well think about showing.)

4. Expand our trail rides to other trails close to our barn. (I'm talking about trailering to Chatfield, Evergreen, Bear Creek, and Estes Park to ride. I want to make sure we are picking trails that both J and T can ride with us on.)

5. Increase speed and distance of our weekly trail rides, weather and footing permitting. (We have been doing LSD, but need to increase both the distance and the speed. Trotting is good for us.)

6. Get Ashke under control at the canter on trail. (I want to be able to ride at any speed, terrain permitting, without being afraid he is going to lose his marbles. I want to be able to canter and feel in control. I want him to canter on trail on a loose rein, without the fight. This should probably have been our first goal.)

That is enough to go on. All obtainable. All measureable, at least the one's for Ashke. I am hopeful I can double the miles we ride outside the arena this year.


  1. Sounds like great goals for both of you! Happy new year!

  2. Good set of goals if you ask me! I have a couple questions for you though! Maybe you could just email me...yeah? I think you can click my name thing and it should let you. I don't know for sure since I'm new to all of this! Anyways, I am kind a local to you and maybe we can meet up and ride together! Also, I wanted to mention the Mountain Mettle ride to you, it's the only other Colorado AERC ride, besides Kenlyn. And have you heard for sure if Kenlyn is on this year? I have heard wispers that it is not, but I will go check around again right now! I hope it is!

    1. I'm going to be very wroth if Kenlyn doesn't do a ride this year . . . just my luck. I finally feel like Ashke is ready or will be ready and they don't have the ride that's in my back yard. Damnit!!

  3. Best of luck. I bet you achieve them with room to soar!


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