Sunday, September 23, 2012

Six Snippets

1. Pulling Ashke out of his stall before he has finished his breakfast to be ridden results in a very grumpy horse.

2. Protest is registered through rearing and stomping of the front feet. Bucking and kicking in the round pen are optional.

3. When a horse won't walk forward, backing him out of the barn works.

4. Four days in a row of riding may be too much for his back. Luckily he will have four days off before I can get on him again. He should be feeling much stronger on Friday night. For the record, he wasn't acting sore and walked, trotted and cantered without issue after tearing around the round pen for fifteen minutes. I just know it's a lot of work for my boy.

5. We have an appointment with the Chiropractor on the 13th. I'm hoping she can fix everything that might still be wrong. He is starting to turn better to the right. I worked him in serpentines today and he was very responsive, however it would not surprise me to discover he needs to be tweaked.

6. Ashke loves the peppermint flavored hanging treat I got him on Saturday. It is molasses based and leaves sticky residue all over Ashke's muzzle. Cleaning it off with a wet washcloth is not very appreciated. Leaving it on is not much appreciated either. Damned if you do . . . 

PS. Ponyboy is on seven days of turnout thanks to Marit for turning him out with either Lacey or Stoli.

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