Friday, September 21, 2012


I took Thursday and Friday off from work because my mom is here for the Houston game. (Broncos, of course.) I was able to work some riding into both days. And I have plans for a Saturday morning ride with Nicole and Callie. Thursday, Ashke was very frisky. He bucked and kicked and raced around the round pen like a mad man. Ten minutes of work didn't take the edge off so J threw four poles in the ring and we watched Ashke tear around like a wild horse. He really can't buck. It's so cute.

I rode him in the arena after the round pen. We walked, trotted and cantered. He did great. Here is the video:

He loves his left lead. We are still struggling with moving to the right, even at a walk and a trot. Nicole is taking Ashke and myself with her and Callie to see her equine chiropractor. I hope she doesn't find anything wrong, but I am pretty sure she is going to find something. It would be good to know that any misalignment could be put right.

I still need practice at the canter. I feel really comfortable at the trot, but still need more time riding at the canter.

Today was another good ride. I didn't work Ashke in the round pen, opting to turn him loose in the big arena instead. Tomorrow will be a great day, since we get to ride out on a trail.

T took videos and I had to add it to the blog. Out of about forty minutes of video I think the video ended up being one minute long. And disjointed.

After I had ridden I took Ashke back into the round pen and let Tristan up on him. I kept him on the lunge line. He needs his stirrups shortened but I had them as short as I have holes in them. I think there is a hole punch at the barn that I can use, so I will check tomorrow and see if I can adjust them. T also discovered the reason I always wear long pants to the barn. His calves were pretty chafed.

My mom took some really good pictures today. I am amazed by how good some of them are.

I love the look in his eye in this picture. He hates new people coming to the stable. It makes him nervous and uncomfortable. He spent a lot of time today licking me and nuzzling my shirt. It was so sweet in an insecure sort of way.

Yesterday I gave Ashke a molasses and peppermint treat. I hung it in his stall. His face, nose, chin and muzzle were sticky and dark brown when we got there today. Grace said he loved it and didn't leave it alone. It's suspended from the ceiling joist with baling twine so it swings and moves. It took J about fifteen minutes of work to get his muzzle unsticky. Not entirely clean, though.

I love this picture, even though it is slightly out of focus. He's put on weight and is developing muscle. He is a little heavy across the ribs, but once we start putting miles on him it will strip down. And I want him a little fat this winter. I don't ever want him to think winter will be as bad as last year.

Such a great picture. Such a sweet horse. I left the arena to use the portajohn and he walked over to the gate and waited for me to come back.

Mom got some great pics.

Only one leg off the ground.

Mom even got a decent picture of me. Can you tell I have almost lost 25 lbs? I can, but then I have to look at my mug all the time.

Three feet off the ground.

He hopped around on one leg all afternoon. So typey.

T found the riding thing very serious.

Ashke wasn't as excited as the boy, but he was a very good horse.

Check back tomorrow for details of our next ride.


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  1. Those are some great photos! And congrats on losing 25 pounds!


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