Friday, September 7, 2012

Seven Snippets

1. Ashke has stopped whinnying when he hears me in the aisle of the barn. I think he has started taking me for granted or perhaps he is upset that I no longer bring him treats. It might have to do with the fact that he is on turn out daily and has equine company during that time so time with me is less important. I'm trying to not take it personally.

2. Ashke got Tuesday and Wednesday off. Weds was the first football game and both days T had a ton of homework to complete. The fact that the sun is setting earlier is compounding the problem, because neither of us really wants to ride in the indoor arena, but riding out after dark really isn't an option. I went out last night and worked him in the round pen for fifteen minutes or so.

3. Ashke was full of energy and playful last night. T was on the outside of the round pen and Ashke would shy and jump every time he trotted or cantered past. T chased him around the outside several times and Ashke would kick and snort as he chased him from the inside. It was cute.

4. Ashke is still so wide-eyed and curious about everything. He spent several minutes last night inspecting the doorway into the main tack room at the barn. He sniffed the edges of the door and then lifted his head to sniff the top of the door frame. He did the same thing in the kitchen. He really wanted to walk into both rooms, but I didn't think that was such a good idea.

5. The trail ride on Sunday has been rescheduled to Saturday. I have no idea who is going. I'm thinking we need to do the greenbelt at the end of 152nd across Zuni. If we hit the canal we can go North or South for miles and I would love to do some exploring. I have no idea how long Nicole wants to ride, but I'm up for making a day of it. J and T might be able to go with us on their bikes.

6. I'm really interested in doing the fun ride at Kenlyn Arabians the first of October, but am unsure if Ashke is ready or not. The fun ride is untimed and 15 miles. I want to talk to Nicole and maybe Lisa to see if either of them is interested. If not, there is always next year.

7. I think I can forego the round pen work before riding Ashke. I think I'm just going to walk him around the arena and then ride him in the arena for a little while prior to riding him out. He has settled so much. The only area we continue to struggle with is his balance at the canter. I'm pretty sure that is also impacted by his back but that will continue to strengthen as we go. I want to keep him interested and engaged in our activities, not bored and frustrated with arena work.

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