Friday, September 14, 2012

Notes to Self . . .

1. Time off between rides/working results in a spry, energetic, upbeat horse.

2. An energetic, upbeat horse results in mad galloping with his tail straight up in the air and his head flung high, up and down the arena. It also results in magnificent action in his front legs when he trots.

3. It is best to experience this phenomenom from the ground and not his back until he has worked it out of his system.

4. The communication level between Ashke and I is growing and strengthening. I can tell with a look when he is done and ready to do something else.

5. Ashke's cannon bones, fetlocks and pasturns are getting heavier as the riding and consistent work adds bone to his legs.

6. Turn out with other horses seems to have settled the horse part of his soul. He is calm and focused when I work him, even after he hasn't been worked in awhile.

7. Having the sun set earlier, having it get dark earlier, really, really sucks.

8. The other horses in the barn are indignant that we have stopped sharing treats and not giving pets while waiting for the pigeon fever outbreak to run its course.

9. Going to try mixing horse and bikes this weekend with J and T. I want to see if we can go 10 miles and see how the endurance champion of the world makes out. J and T are going to geocache. We are going to try doing it together.

10. Going to need to wash out the fly blanket this weekend to get the crap off of it.

11. We are moving into perfect riding weather . . . warm enough to be comfortable but cool enough to boost energy instead of drain it.

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