Sunday, February 24, 2019

Knock Out Industries Bathroom Remodel

For perspective: The Before

Wall next to counter

The green paint was selected when T was young and matched the painting we had hung over the toilet.
There was water damage at the edge of the tub and we were unsure if it was leaking from the tub or from behind the wall (we had leaks there earlier0.
We opted to pull the tub and put in a shower.

The Reveal:

Shower pan with tiled walls.
Specialty shower head that has five spray options and I have it on good authority that it might be the best change in the bathroom.
Glass doors on the shower, no leaking water.

New tile floor and new toilet. 

Vanity with granite countertop (Thanks again, Todd!!).
Pony wall hiding the plumbing, with the toilet paper holder installed.

There’s still a little touch up to be done. The floor boards need to be siliconed, and a little touch up paint applied.

We had issues with the dry wall holding an anchor, when hanging the towel rack, so there are two patches in the dry wall I still need to texture, sand and paint. 
We got hooks for the hair dryer and hand towels. I love IKEA for that kind of stuff.

View from the shower. The light set matches very well and the lights are nice and bright.

One of the biggest changes we made to the room was removing the door and jamb, and installing a barn door.
It made a huge difference in being able to use the bathroom, and freed up a lot of useable space even when open.

Inside perspective.


  1. I'm hoping you remember our bathroom remodel from 1950s to 2010. Same color scheme as yours, and same tub removal (I never lie in a bath tub - only hot tubs!). We will be paying for this for 8 years, no option to pay off early. But everyone who walks in our home and has to pee, has fruck out, "OMG this bathroom!" Ya, it doesn't fit our 1890 house, but it fits US: ) Yours is gorgeous!!!

  2. Fantastic remodel, and done so fast!!!

  3. This looks amazing. It came together so nicely.