Monday, February 4, 2019


Homie got hock injections in both hind legs, top and bottom joints, and is on hand walking, no riding until Friday rest.

Not that he knows how to be restful. Kind of the opposite, actually.

I went out to hand walk him for ten minutes, and ended up with a horse-kite. I know, surprise, right?

Attitude, much?
This was right before he reared and struck at me.
Is it so hard to just walk.

He was kind of a snorty mess.
In fact, Flambe asked me if they had taken everything when they gelded him.
Which made me laugh and share the story about the myofacial release and telling him he could still channel stallion energy.

He looks so awesome when he is puffed for a mare.
Kat was out in the indoor with him, when two other horses came to join us.
Ashke-thug came out.

He didn’t nip and got the message pretty quick that there was to be no shenanigans.
So, he rubbed my back with his face  and shoved me around with his nose.
It’s the little wins, right?

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  1. He's so Egyptian, like my heart horse. I wish I could transport to Colorado right now, "Transporters engage!"

    The way you describe him, he seems to love his life so much. All the best qualities of Arabians, though there may be struggle, they keep trying for their people.