Friday, February 1, 2019

Great Horned Owl

We have a Great Horned Owl who is farming our indoor for his three times a week pigeon fix. She usually shows up about twenty minutes after we have shut off the lights in the indoor, flies down into the indoor arena through the hole where the ventilation fan used to be, and takes one or two pigeons from the rafters in the indoor.

Silhouette of the barn.
The owl sits on the upper peak next to the opening into the indoor.

Scattered feathers in the indoor arena.
These are the last bits of feathers at the end of the day.
There were two spots in the indoor where there were piles of feathers first thing in the morning.

The owl is pretty smart. The day after hunting there are no pigeons in the indoor. It takes them a couple of days to move back in. And then he comes back and takes a couple more. I think they are building nests right now, so perhaps the pigeons are going to feed the momma bird. I just wish the owl could hunt our side of the barn too.

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