Sunday, February 10, 2019

Little by Little

Little by little the bathroom is coming together. The tile looks very good in the room. It was a good match.

Tristan even said he likes it so much more than he would have liked the rock walls.

We picked a pewter grout and it works really well with both tile colors 
It’s a great match for the grey in the white tile and offsets the black tile, especially on the floor, really well.

Highly polished and still a bit dirty.

We got the wall painted behind the toilet, and the toilet put in.
Tristan is happy to have his own toilet again.

The contractor that is cutting the granite countertop said it should be ready by the end of this coming week. I’m hopeful that everything will be complete by Sunday. It will have a square sink and chrome faucet.

This would be the reason for the chrome faucet.
That is a rain shower combination shower head we installed.
It has five settings, one of which includes the rain option.

This took a lot longer than expected but it looks pretty awesome. 
We are waiting for the silicone to set and the handles to be installed. 

We still have the mirror to be removed, the dry wall fixed, paint, install floorboards, finish pony wall with dry wall and paint, add support rail for the counter, frame out the bedroom door and hang the new barn door. It’s getting there bit by bit. I probably won’t do an update again until the final reveal, but I guess it really depends on how long before the countertop and sink are put in. Once the shower is functional, Tristan will have the use of his bathroom again. So very close.

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