Monday, April 29, 2013

Wash Day

This will be the final post for April. I can't think of anything to do for X, Y or Z and honestly, I'm okay with that. 

Sunday, we had a day of beauty, sunshine, companionship and eating grass. 

The hose is not on back by the outdoor washing stalls and the line for the indoor wash room was really long. It was warm, but windy and Ashke did okay.

He has taken to laying in his run in the sunshine, which I am sure was wonderful for him, but not so much for me, since the run was still really muddy. I washed all of him.

N only washed the saddle area, Cali's mane and tail. She rarely washes her entire body. I pointed out that her horse isn't white.

The only downer was when Cali started licking the paint off the fence.

His coat is so good this year. He is mostly shed out. The problem areas from last year seem to have cleared up and he has shed out in his flank area.

He wasn't very happy about the hose or the incredibly cold water.

I had to soap his mane twice to get it white and then it went really fuzzy and flighty, like a unicorn's mane.

I even washed his face and forelock, which I haven't been able to do before.

It took some washing to get the dirt from the saddle and the girth off of his hide. I had to shampoo his butt three times to get it clean.

I think his forelock has been yellow since I brought him home and it is finally white.

By the time he was clean, he was pretty chilled and starting to shiver. I squeegeed him off and finished rinsing out his tail.

And then he got to graze on the nice spring grass, which is going to be under snow soon.

It didn't take long for him to dry off and warm up. He loved hanging out in the grass. Being able to graze during turnout is probably the one thing he misses the most from being at Christensens.

His topline is beginning to fill in and he has a crease down his spine. 

His abdomen is beginning to tighten as well, with regular work that is a bit more challenging than what he was doing before.

Doesn't he look good? 

We have a trail ride planned for Saturday with N and a couple of people from the barn. I was supposed to ride with them on Sunday, but I was afraid he would be too tender footed from the ride on Saturday.


  1. Hi Karen. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Hey, the photos look like you are at TMR! David and I boarded there before we bought the ranch 4 years ago.

    1. We are at TMR and we love the barn. And the surrounding area. You are somewhat south of us now, right?


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