Monday, April 15, 2013


Okay, so maybe it's a lame topic, but I guess lame starts with L too, so either way it's a winner. This is the L blog in the A to Z blog challenge.

The things I like, in no particular order:

-- The green grass coming up on the Mesa behind the barn, although you can't tell that tonight with the 10" of snow we have covering it.

-- How I forgot to worry about how I was riding for a few seconds on Sunday when we were doing rollbacks.

-- The idea of learning dressage in order to compete in Working Equitation.

-- The idea of a gymkhana with a sound horse.

-- Teaching Ashke to change leads in the middle of a figure eight.

-- Watching the muscles in his back develop and strengthen.

-- Feeling him get lighter and softer with me.

-- The fact that all of the accoutrements I bought for the Aussie saddle fit on my Trekker and look okay. My fleece saddle padding works too!

-- The possibility that we might be able to do a trail ride on both Saturday and Sunday.

-- Finding a trainer I might actually want to take a lesson from to help me develop as a rider.

-- I can work on making him strong, with stamina, rather than worrying about him being sound.

-- Getting him fitted with boots.

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