Sunday, April 14, 2013


This is a make up post for B in the A to Z blog challenge in April (I still have A, C & D to make up).

I need to buy a new pair of boots. The boots I am riding in right now are a pair of fancy dress boots by Ariat I bought years and years ago to wear to some function or other (maybe the Stock Show?). I know it's been close to twelve years because their purchase predates my wearing of orthodics.

The boots are a light cream color, with dark brown tops. Completely old school and when I got them I only intended to wear them for special occasions. They are not what I would have chosen if I had been buying a pair of boots to ride in. Now, with the orthodics inside, they are tight and very uncomfortable on my feet. They are certainly not the type of boot for what I want to do now.

Not so fancy now, are they?

What I need is a pair of boots that are comfortable for walking, but with enough of a heel I don't feel like my feet will slip through the stirrup. They need to fit my feet and be designed to handle all of the things I might run into on the trail. I've barely ridden out, but have already encountered snow, a stream that was almost knee deep we had to wade across, dirt and rocks. The boots need to be tough and comfortable, warm in winter, cool in summer, with good support but able to handle my orthodics. They need to be light weight, water proof, and able to handle hours of constant wear and tear on tops and bottoms.

I have a pair of Northface trail shoes that are very comfortable but not waterproof and without a heel.

I know of at least one rider on an endurance blog I stalk who rides in barefoot running shoes. I am tempted to try those, because  I have two pair, but even if they worked for long rides, they are not practical for around the barn. They dry quickly, so the waterproof thing is unnecessary, but again they are only for summer riding and would not work at all during inclement weather (like snow in April, which is what spring in the Rockies looks like.)

What I really need is a pair of Northface shoes, high ankle support, in waterproof material, with a decent heel and a non-slip sole that is super light weight. For $20. (I thought I would put it out there.)


Tony Lama over the ankle, super comfy, 40% off boots! Rode in them and they are easier to drop my heel in, easier to keep the heel in line with my hip and much more comfortable to walk in.

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