Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sometimes People Need a Little Help

 I want to introduce you to Kenai.

Like so many of us, Liz is both a horse person and a dog person. Her husky is six years old and has already had three knee surgeries. The last one to repair his meniscus may have torn loose and needs to be fixed again. Kenai is Liz's partner in crime, her companion on the trails, on the slopes, when she's rock climbing and canoeing. He goes with her everywhere.

Liz has cancelled everything she was planning to do this year, including any vacation plans and all of her endurance rides, in order to take care of her soul companion, but she still needs a little help. Saiph has set up a GoFundMe site for anyone who might have the means to help defray the cost of Kenai's fourth surgery. Any little bit helps.

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