Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Emperor's New Clothes

I think I am seeing something that isn't there . . .

I talked to Soooossssaaaannn (you have to say it in a scary voice, like in Monsters vs Aliens) last night about how Ashke looked and how he moved. She said she thought he looked great and seemed to move well. She made the comment that he didn't look lame.

The farrier said the same thing when I was having Ashke move for him.

I finally realized that perhaps what I am feeling is the difference between his gait and the other horses I've ridden in the past. I've never ridden an Arabian, or any horse with such a short back and the kind of action Arabians have. I think that what I am stressing about is his gait.

He's not moving like anything is hurting. At the trot his front and offside hind move in perfect unison. He isn't head bobbing of toe stubbing any more. His action is loose and he has nice movement.

He also has a sweet little canter. Nice three beat when you listen to it. No tripping or clipping any more. Smooth. We just need to work on him moving like this when I'm on his back.

I need to chill and just start to enjoy. His back and butt are getting stronger with each passing day. He's not too heavy and he's going out in the pasture four or five times a week with Lacey and Stoli.

I'm not giving him treats until we are completely done with our work. It has helped cut down on the biting/nipping. I have the cinch thing worked out and know exactly how tight it needs to be.  I'm pretty happy with him and I think he is pretty happy with me.

What do you think?

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