Saturday, August 4, 2012


It was Saturday. We got to the barn by 9:30ish. J and T brought their bikes and did a nifty ride around the lake while I worked Ashke.

I can't believe I was ever seriously considering getting rid of the Ashke-man. He is doing so awesome there aren't words.

We started in the round pen and warmed up. Ashke squealed and bucked and acted out. Then he settled down and paid attention to me. After our warm up I had to move to the arena, because there was a woman waiting to work her horse. We walked and trotted around the big arena and Ashke did fantastic. After Anita and Cody were done in the round pen, I took Ashke back in and we cantered in both directions for several rounds. Then we moved back to the big arena and did this.


And more.


Sorry, the video is from our phone.

No way to really move close up. We will get better video tomorrow.

Still happy that I have something to watch. After I was done riding him, T asked if he could have a ride. He jumped up and we walked around the outside of the arena twice. Each time Ashke trotted with T on his back down the dirt side of the big arena. Ashke was a perfect gentleman.

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