Monday, March 18, 2019

Week In Images

Left hand, ringless

Wild and free
Ashke and Kat

Storm of biblical proportions.
Bomb Cyclone

Saturday ride (#26) 
Ride #25 was my lesson on Thursday where we worked on straightness after the change.

Able to pull my horse trailer

Sunday morning ride (#27)
Included a bounce and a cross rail, where in I did not hit him with my spurs

New gelding next to Ashke

A lot of love in that look
First tail wash since October


  1. After 11 years I finally found Dr Pepper (zero) in Germany. At 89cents per tiny can (smaller than a US can) I won't be buying it again, we get liters of Coke zero for that. However I have to tell you about the slogan on the can. It says Schmeckt. Aber nicht Jedem. Which literally means "Tastes good. But not to everyone." *lol* J tried it this morning and gave the root beer response, "Tastes like cough medicine." All Germans say this. I fruck out and said, "If there is cough syrup that tastes like root beer or dr pepper, why am I not taking this medicine!"

  2. Oh, sounds like you have a lot going on, take care of yourself…


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