Monday, March 11, 2019

Ride #23, #24

Saturday I had my 23 ride of the year. It was pretty solid, as rides go, and Ashke was focused and listening. We ended up with a series of changes that were very, very good, for where we are at in our process. He continues to make strides.

He’s definitely got the “this means change” part figured out.

Tempi changes in a straight (mostly) line

Sunday, I hauled over to PVF and participated at their play day. Flambe brought Kat with us and they had a great time. Ashke, however, struggled with the whole “there are other horses near my mare” to the point that I finally whacked him on the hip with a rein. I had his attention but couldn’t keep it for long. I started distracting him with wither scritches, which he decided he liked better than the mare. We ended up riding all of the obstacles with flying changes. Notes: I have to really remember to ride him straight forward after the change from right to left lead in the double slalom or he will dive around the pole. It takes a little bit of outside rein and a lot of inside leg to keep him from doing so. I think this is the kryptonite we are going to be focusing on for the next few months. I also need to figure out how to ride a jump in the western saddle without hooking both spurs into his sides. Bad rider.

When we went to load, Kat, a friesian Arab cross, would not get on the trailer. I think the trailer was too small. I ended up unloading Ashke and leaving him in the round pen while I hauled her home, then came back and picked him up. He was rearing and whinnying and bucking in the round pen when I pulled up to the farm, stopped moving when I hollered at him, and was very happy that I was willing to take him home. I hope to get back over there at some point before the show to ride in the arena again and maybe work the obstacles.

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  1. Karen, is it allright that I used your post about your son's use of language in my post today? Cuz when I read about his math test I was perplexed but then pushed to learn that this is the new way. If you are uncomfortable I will remove that portion. I did not directly link your post about your son's test, feeling that most people won't even take the trouble to go there, but if they're our blog buddies, they would know what I'm talking about.

    Tell me if I should remove that bit, if not, please tell T that he pushed me into a new realm, as a grammar geek.


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