Friday, March 22, 2019

Lesson: Ride #28; Monday Night #29

The lesson was just me, since the other woman I mostly lesson with is off flinting around the globe. I wasn’t warmed up when we started so the first ten minutes was loosening his back and joints, then moving into some trot and canter to really get the muscles warm. Then we mostly worked on me keeping him straight through the change, both before and after. I know you all are going to be surprised, but looking up at where we are going instead of down at his shoulder or the top of his neck, makes it easier on him to carry himself correctly.

Really working on straightness

The other thing I am working on, which is hard for me, is using just my thigh to hold his shoulder up and not let him dive. When I move my lower leg, he wants to change, so its very important that I isolate the upper thigh without swinging the calf. 

This is why dressage is so challenging.

More changes

Ashke really is giving me everything. We had a couple of moments when he didn’t want to listen during trot to halt transitions, but he caught on pretty quick and when I rode again on Monday night, he was sensitive and listening to my seat. 

I am very aware of my fragile emotive state right now and am checking my feelings at the door when I walk in. Ashke is such a healer and he is making it very easy for me to be in the moment with him. 


  1. Such a fan! Those half passes are getting better!

  2. I love that moment in the second video, the first time coming towards the camera, where you change and then slow into a very collected canter that becomes almost a canter pirouette as you turn around the arena. I caught my breath. It's beautiful. You guys are progressing so quickly! I love it. <3


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