Monday, March 25, 2019

Ride #29, #30

I rode on Saturday and Sunday morning with barn buddies. On Saturday, I went to lunch at a wonderful Mexican restaurant and ate incredible tacos. Maybe close to the second best tacos I’ve found in Denver so far. 

Overall, my rides were pretty good. I still struggle with keeping my mind focused on “what to do next” when riding by myself. I tried to ride without spurs on Saturday and Ashke was like “I don’t know what you want” so we went back to them.

Here is video:

They got to run around and be wild horses before our ride


Half pass to change

Sunday’s practice of the double slalom

I also struggle to set myself up correctly for the changes. I am back to that place where it feels like I am struggling with slowing down the timing so I don’t feel like I’m rushing. Moar practice and better body management on my part. At least we have started to correct him throwing his hips in when on a lead. I also need to remember to do twice as many right to left lead changes as the other direction. So, many alternate them with simple changes to help him gain strength and understanding.

First baby born in the barn.


  1. that slalom looked so good- relaxed and controlled.

    1. Thank you. I could hope he comes down a bit in the poll as we continue to work on it.

  2. You both look very good, and have come so far, I know it is easy to forget that part, but from the outside it is very impressive!

    mmm, tacos. What constitutes a good taco to you? Maybe I am just spoiled with a taqueria on every corner (including a a very tasty one across the street from work, very dangerous!)

    1. A good taco is usually some kind of meat (steak or carnitas is my fav) cooked tender (not dry or tough) in an authentic style (al carbon, carne asada) with onions and chilantro. I like refried beans cooked with lard to add to the taco and a good salsa for some spice.

      They have to be on the small corn tortillas, garnished with avocado for extra points, and a delight to eat.

    2. oh, yes, delicious! Come visit sometime, we'll eat nothing but a different taco every day!

  3. OK you guys stop talking about tacos. I'm in a taco-free land.

    Karen, I wanted to say that I heard today that Arabians LTD are closing their business. It seems people are sad to see them go, I have no idea, but I guess it's difficult to raise straight Egyptians in America.

    At Equitana this month there is a group called the Asil Club and they insist only Egyptians are straight Arabians. Similar to Al-Khasma in America. I really don't get it and wish someone would explain it to me. Help?


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