Thursday, March 2, 2017

SD Bog Hop: Feed

Last week Alaine at Spotted Dressage asked one of the most seemingly simple and yet usually complex questions in the equestrian world:

What Do You Feed & Why?

Ashke gets six flakes of alfalfa and grass hay a day, split between two feedings, fed half and half. He does so much better when he is on the alfalfa and has been able to maintain his weight regardless of our work schedule, number of miles on trail, or the amount of dressage he has done. He has put on muscle over his withers and along the top of his back. He looks fantastic. The two feedings are 7 am and 5 pm, or there about.

He also gets grass hay in the feeder in turn out, which he sometimes picks at, but mostly he spends that time being social with the horses around the turn out. 

At noonish, he gets his bag of supplements mixed into a pound and a half of TC Senior. The supps are his Smartpak, which consists of the Smartflex joint supp, triple amino acid (includes lysine), and MSM. I also add Equipride with diatomaceous earth. 

Every time I ride, he gets an extra bucket of TC Senior and about a pound of carrots. That happens four times a week. He also has access to redmond salt licks and fresh water.

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  1. It's so interesting to read each horse's different feed and schedule.


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