Monday, March 13, 2017

Product Review: Two Horse Tack

Jacke from Two Horse Tack contacted me via my blog and asked if I would do a product review, for which I would be compensated with the product of my choice (that I would review). I happily agreed, in part because I already own a bridle and breastcollar from Two Horse Tack, and in part because who doesn't want free stuff.

I decided on the nose-buckle halter, because I don't need a bridle. I'm not using the one I currently own, not because of the product, but because I was tired of changing the bit from one bridle to the other. Ashke is happier than I have ever seen him in the Spanish bit I am riding him in and I was tired of fighting his unhappiness with another bit. Plus, I'm basically lazy.

I picked the nose-buckle halter, not because I need to put the bridle on over the halter (Ashke is very good at standing still and opening his mouth to the bit) but because I hoped it would be easier to fit to his head. I told Jacke that I needed a small halter that would fit a very refined head and cob sized. And I picked the hunter green color, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. (Sometimes change is good, right?) Two Horse Tack sent it very quickly in the Arab size, which fit extremely well. It was in biothane and very well constructed.

I love the biothane. It takes two minutes and running water to make it look as good as new. Even after three years (how long I've had the bridle). It fit Ashke's face very nicely and made him look even more regal than ever.

The halter also came with a lead, which I am not sold on. I would not want to experience a biothane burn to my hands. That said, I will use the lead with the halter for trail riding, since it packs very small and light weight. I purchased a cotton lead rope that matches the halter exactly for every day use. It was the only halter I used for six days at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. It will be my halter of choice going forward, even if it is green. (Because I really should have ordered it in blue.) J laughed at me, shook her head and told me, in no uncertain terms, I was not allowed to matchy-matchy all of the things to the hunter green.

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I highly recommend their products.

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