Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

The three days of Expo went by pretty quick, although I was really exhausted.

First though:

Reserve Champion in a Class of 2

I rode in a clinic on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Tarrin.

 Tarrin Warren discussing with a rider

 Double Slalom

 Rider watching

 Riders in one of the clinics

We worked pretty consistently on:

1. Keeping my hands together, so they are working in tandem and my right one isn't off dominating the world.

2. Turning my shoulders in the direction of our turn (gosh this is effective in helping Ashke turn through the obstacles).

3. Not pulling with the inside rein, which throws out the haunches.

4. Using the outside leg to keep the haunches in.

5. Using the inside leg to ask for bend.

Things I heard from Tarrin:

1. Lift the inside rein, don't pull.

2. Outside leg back to hold the haunches.

3. Point with your index finger toward the inside ear (effectively turns the shoulders).

4. Don't pull.

5. Keep your hands together.

6. Half halt. Half halt.

Plus, she had a lot of positive encouragement for us through out the week.

Here is a video from the last session on Sunday:

And another one:

It was a wonderful week of riding.

Other things that also happened:

Ashke hates Reiki. We tried the energy healing for horses workshop again and he was having nothing to do with it. He bit. Kicked. Snaked his head. Rolled. Did everything he could to say F*ck off. Reared. Acted completely out of sorts. Won't try that again.

Ashke loves jack mules. Loves. Like a stallion loves. I have never seen him so hard or dropped for so long as he was with the jack mule next to him. Totally focused on the mule when we were in the arena together.

I was walking back to the stall with Ashke. And on my way past the Mountain Region Endurance Riders booth one of the guys working there said "Is that Thee Ashke?" I stopped, kind of befuddled and said "Yes." He said, "I follow your blog." He introduced himself but I forgot his name (old age - sorry).

Waves at guy!!!!

That was so cool and unexpected. My Last Unicorn has real life followers. :)

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