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1. Western or English? Neither, really. I'm riding western dressage in an English Prestige Trekkerland saddle. I don't post. But, I do wear breeches and riding boots with half chaps. I am most interested in Working Equitation, which combines dressage, working cows and obstacles.

2. Colorful tack or classic?

Classic. Black or dark brown is the best.

3. Bareback or with a saddle?

Thirty years ago it would have been bareback. Now, I don't feel safe without a saddle.

4. Stock horse or sport horse?

How about the horse that started it all - the Arabian. Although, for what we have in mind, much more a sport horse than stock, I think.

5. Greenie or push button?

I like that I was the one who trained Ashke from start to finish. I like that he still has attitude, but that he really wants to do what I am asking him to do. I don't think I will ever be happy with a push button horse, but that's also because I want one that will think on the trail.

6. Ring work or trail?

Both. All things in balance.

7. Shod or barefoot?

Barefoot with boots when needed.

8. Local county fair or rated show?

Maybe a schooling show at some point in the future. Especially if we can get some WE stuff going on.

9. Recreational or competitive?


10. Chestnut or Bay?


My opinion on:

11. Racing?

I watch the Triple Crown. I have since I was a kid. But I only watch as long as the Kentucky Derby winner is undefeated. I watched Affirmed win the Triple Crown by a nose over Alydar in 1978. And I watched Secretariat win the Belmont. At some point I would like to see another horse win the TC again. Otherwise, I don't watch. Would I be sad if they stopped racing altogether? Nope.

Did I want more than anything to be a jockey when I was a kid? Yep.

12 Drugging?

I don't even know what this is in reference too . . . .

13. Proper age to start a horse?

I think you should start handling them and doing ground work from day one. I don't think you should be riding before 3 and a half, and even then it should be minimal. By four and a half, they might be ready to show and should be strong enough to ride for some distance/time by then. I think there are a lot of horses being ridden way too young.

14. Natural Horsemanship?

I think it works better than the crash and bash of the old west. I enjoy the relationship with my horse and making that a priority.

15. Breed Debates?

I assume this is related to high powered showing of some sort. I love my Arabian and admire and love N's Friesan/Paint. And I'm not crazy about QH's overall, but that said, I think any breed or color can be a good horse.

Have you ever . . . .

16. Cantered bareback?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . .

17. Rode Tackless?

Inside a corral - yes. Outside a corral the closest I came was a piece of rope around Queenie's neck.

18. Jumped over 3 ft?

Nope. And I don't wanna.

19. Competed in rodeo?

Yes ma'am. Roping, bareback broncs, steers, posse.

20. Fallen off?

Fallen, thrown, tossed, slammed, slid, fallen with, fallen on, thrown free, and all more than once.

21. Doubled with someone?

Is this a sex question?

22. Had a bad riding accident?

See #20.

23. Lost a horse?

Not lost. Had two die on me - one with a genetic condition that ended her life at five months and the other who severly twisted an intestine at the age of 5.

24. Sold a horse?

A couple. Felt guilty and relieved at the same time when we sold Sham. I really hope he didn't kill anyone.

25. Taught a lesson?

Was a 4-H leader at 17 and 18.

26. Trained a horse/owned something really green?

Queenie, Ace, Shadow, Keili, and Ashke. Broke other people's horses to ride for money or hay when I was a teenager.

27. Watched a mare give birth?

Missed it by fifteen minutes. Sneaky mare.

28. Galloped in an open field?

Open field, down a lane, up a trail, alongside the road, any damn where I could find when I was young and fearless.

29. Done vaulting?

I had to google this to know when it meant. . . . no. But I have ridden my horse standing up, without a saddle, stepped from the back of one horse to another while moving, but only for fun.

30. Been to the Olympics or any other high level equestrian competition?

Olympics in LA in 1984.

Fill in the blanks:

31. I have been riding off and on since I was four.
32. My discipline of choice is trail riding or working equitation.
33. The horse I ride is my equine soulmate and owns me completely.
34. My favorite breeds are Arabian, Appaloosa (old style - not QH's with spots), Friesan, Shire, Andalusian, Mustang, and Lippizzan.
35. The equestrian I look up to is Mark Rashid
36. My favorite thing about riding and owning horses is his nicker greeting me when I arrive at the barn.
37. My best riding memory can't be identified. I do know that currently I love riding with N on the trail, either with J or without.
38. My worst memory is being thrown in Yellowstone on the trail ride.
39. My ultimate goal is to have a sound, healthy horse that I can ride for hours all over the place.

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