Friday, August 23, 2013

At Liberty

Last night was Ashke's latest trim appointment with Michelle. I, unfortunately, was late due to replacing my phone last weekend. Well, that and old age, which causes me to completely forget times and dates, to my chagrin.

By the time I made it to the barn at 4:40, Michelle was finished with Ashke. She trimmed him at liberty in his run with absolutely no issues. She did have to put the halter on him for shaping the final front foot, just because he likes being so involved and wouldn't hold still, but overall, she said he was wonderful.

For those of you who don't remember, we have been dealing with thin soles and tenderness due to the unusual wetness in our region and the amount of trail riding I have been doing. The last two trims, all Michelle was able to do was shape and balance, not taking any hoof off at all, except with the rasp. Last night she was actually able to trim him and she reported that the thin sole we've been protecting has grown thicker. The coffin bone tip is no longer so close to the surface and he should get more and more sound, even over rocks. Not sound so much (since he is that already) but more tough. Those were the fronts. The backs are magnificent.

And, I want to point out, we have gone from a horse who wouldn't let me groom his haunches, let alone pick up his feet, to one that can be trimmed at Liberty without me there.

Tells me Michelle is good people.

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