Monday, August 19, 2013

By Request

Although it wasn't part of the ceremony, T wanted to walk J down the aisle. Or sidewalk, as the case may be.

We walked in together as T played the Halo Theme (instrumental) on his trombone with Adam Bartczak.

 The hug at the end.

T with his trombone at the end of the ceremony.

We are wearing matching Boulder Mountain Range Rings from Cronin Jewelers in Boulder.

We pulled Ashke out for a photo shoot. He just doesn't take a bad picture.

He was all up for being adored. And then he ate my lei.

Can you tell that the woman who took the pics of Ashke also did our wedding. She loves photographing Ashke, because he is so beautiful. I think her photos rock!!

The dinner reception afterwards was a great hit. The food was good and we had our closest friends and family.


    What a beautiful wedding, and how great that you have a wonderful photographer to catch those great moments.

    I still think you guys should have been on horses down the aisle :) ha ha but that Ashke got in on the wedding is good enough for me.

    That T played the music makes makes for one big fairytale wedding.
    One day. ONE DAY....maybe we will be able to join you.

  2. Lovely photos! What a beautiful day!

  3. Ashke is the perfect wedding horse =)


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