Monday, August 14, 2017


We did 18 miles along the East-West Regional trail. We almost pushed on to the Redtail Park, but it's just as well we turned around when we did since we were caught in the rain at the trailer.

 It was a beautiful day.

J going zoom zoom on the downhill

 Heading into the backcountry

 J waiting for me

 It's such a great ride

 Chasing J up the hill

 One of the largest subdivisions in Denver is just over that rise. But you can't tell from the trail.

 Scrub Oak mini-forest

 Twice I tried to get video but my phone is reaching it's planned obsolescence and did not cooperate.

 Ashke letting me know he would much rather race back to the trailer.

He always knows when it's an out and back trail.

Next Saturday, we are going to Vedauwoo. Probably without the dogs for the day. I'm so excited to be able to ride there, I can barely stand myself.


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