Monday, May 30, 2016


Saturday we decided to do Chatfield, since Ashke wasn't bleeding from having to have proud flesh cut off of his leg. We got K and Eddy and headed south. It kind of sucks that all of our favorite riding places are at least an hour away now.

When we reached Chatfield, the sun was shining brightly. By the time we were ready to ride, it was sprinkling. We headed south along the east side of the South Platte, a trail we haven't ridden in almost a year.

It was so very green.

Eddy channeling his happy place.

J in her subtle, quiet colors.

The front range in spring colors.

A new to us trail. J and I had ridden this way one of our very first rides with N.

The creek two years ago was much narrower. This pond had grown behind a beaver dam.
Deep enough it touched the bellies of the horses. 

J crossed the creek by balancing on the beaver dam. I helped with a couple of the trees we had to work past.

Pretty cool barn or old shack that looked like it was caught in a fire at some point.

From the front. I think it may have been a cabin at some point.

We found a meadow we didn't know existed.

Much giggling

So much giggling

K and Eds

Ashke just went faster and faster.

 The footing was great.

Riding up the incline from the meadow to the Highline Canal

From Ashke's viewpoint.

Lunch break.


Mugging for the camera

 Heading from the canal to the trailer.
Cut the ride a bit short to ease the strain on Ashke.

Sandy trails make for tough biking.

A final walk in the sun.


  1. I love all your ride photos. What a wonderful place.

  2. gorgeous, and fun! All that green is pretty (we're almost all brown already) and I love the cabin photo. I'd camp right there in a heartbeat.


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