Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2017 Goals

I almost don't want to do this post, since I am still reeling from 2016 . . . this year can't end quick enough for me. In the spirit of setting myself up to fail, here goes.

1. Qualify for National Championships in Working Equitation

National Championships for Working Equitation is in Oregon, over Labor Day weekend. Pedro Torres is going to be there for a special demo. We have a slide in truck camper and the ability to travel with Ashke that far. I just need to qualify by getting a 58% in the dressage test and 58% in the Ease of Handling, without a DQ in Speed. I have two local shows (Expo and Adams County Fair) where we will be offering B-Rated shows that I can qualify in without having to travel to find another show.

2. Explore Trails in the Area

I'm not setting a distance goal this year. The past two years I've set goals for distance and it hasn't happened. This year I have a lot of shows to practice for, so that is my focus, although I know that J and I will hit the trails on the weekends. It would be fun to explore new places as well as hitting all of our old haunts.

3. Horse Camping

I want to go to Vedauwoo and camp at the campground there. They have horse corrals and I'm hoping there is a water source as well. To be able to spend days riding there, teaching the dogs and horse to go together and enjoying my favorite place on earth with Ashke would be the best. It will also give us some practice with camper and trailer before traveling to Oregon in September.

I think that is the extent of my goals. At least they should be achievable. I hope.


  1. That's really great that the qualifications or nationals are so attainable. I hope you make it; that'd be a cool thing to read about.

  2. These all seem like great goals!~


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