Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Woke up this morning to six inches of snow, blowing snow, crappy roads and no school. J and I ventured forth to bring home bacon.  I dropped her off at the park n ride and headed west.

  Driving the Big Sully to work.
Very slow going.

Not many people made the journey.

This is what it looks like to be the only person at work.

It's supposed to keep snowing until 5 pm. Heading home about 3, I think. Wish me luck.


  1. LUCK! And jealousy. I have only seen snow (1 inch) one time so far this year. It's crazy. I'm becoming seasonally depressed because there is no snow! Haha.

    Safe travels home to you!

  2. Brrrr, that looks REALLY COLD. Drive home safe!

  3. I'm enjoying the weather, I love the snow.....but only because I don't have to leave the house. School was canceled here as well so we had a lazy PJ day. Sorry you had to go into work, being a adult sometimes sucks. We have around a foot now, lots of drifting and more coming down. I hope you get home fine, and don't run into any idiots on the roads (we've had a few storms now, so hopefully they have been educated).

  4. It certainly looks cold, I feel guilty out trail riding today in Southern California with warm weather. See my blog and pictures for anyone interested click on my name.


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