Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Ashke is getting very solid on the trail. We rode on Saturday and Sunday and only had one issue either day - which involved a white covered rock.

2. I like giving him hanging molassas and grain treats to mess with in his stall. The first one I put out lasted about a week. The second one lasted less than one day. He had molasses in his forelock. Silly horse.

3. I hate how tangled the hair directly behind his ears gets when he has a bridle on. He hates for me to mess with it when I am on him. I'm considering shaving another bridle path but haven't really decided yet.

4. The short mane he is currently sporting is growing out super thick and looks really good. All of the bad, damaged hair is gone.

5. The last time I rode in the arena, Ashke was giving to the bit and bringing his head down. On the trail, I mostly rode on a loose rein, except when we were cantering.

6. The first bridle I bought, which was a web bridle/halter combination with straps that attached the bit so it could be taken off rather easily, and which was way too small for Ashke's head, has been repurposed for a light weight but effective halter. It is light weight enough that I can leave it on under the bridle for our trail rides. The single rein I ride out in can be used as a lead rope too, which makes leading him rather easy.

7. He reached out and bit my shoulder on Sunday. I immediately flicked the rein in my hand back over my shoulder and whacked him on the forehead. He got the message. Poop head.

9. Sunday we are riding to the top of the mesa. Next weekend we are trying for the lake and a new trail Cinnamon told us about.

10. Provided he passes the vet check, Lisa will be taking her new horse home on Thursday. Yeah!

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