Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Last night was all about spending time with my boy. I went out right after work and groomed him, paying special attention to his itchy parts. He is shedding pretty heavily right now and loved the soft rubber curry comb and the shedding blade.

The only thing that was new was a scrape on the upper part of his right foreleg. I have no idea what he did but it is the second scrape in a week. The other one is on his forehead. I know he loves playing with the horse next to him - Fool. (Why name your horse Fool?) His legs were tight and snug, no swelling or heat from our ride. Can't wait for our next ride!

After grooming him, we went to the indoor arena and I just turned him loose. He trotted and cantered around the arena. He looked so great. There is no hint of any kind of tension or tenderness in his right hamstring. He moves with his head up and his tail flagged. And no hint of any soreness. While we were in the arena and he was running around loose, another horse came in. I gathered him up and put the lead rope on him, then started moving him around me in a very loose circle. He managed to pull the lead rope out of my hand and took off. I called to him and he still trotted away, somewhat spooked by the lead rope. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a peppermint and crinkled the wrapper. He slid to a stop and turned back to me at the sound. Not really spooky, just being a pill.
After we were done in the arena, I took him back to his stall and gave him a warm mash with carrots. Then I checked on Cali. No heat or swelling in her legs either. Nicole and I have plans to ride together on Thursday evening right after work. Should be fun.

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