Thursday, January 24, 2013

Farrier Revisited

Michelle came out again yesterday evening and did a trim on Cali and Ashke. (I also referred her to Lisa and she is going to do Maar's feet the first part of February). She started with Cali.

Michelle said Cali's feet looked really good, just a little high on the inside front, because she has a tendancy to be pigeon toed and sometimes farriers will trim to try and correct that. Michelle balanced them and told Nicole that overall they looked really good.


I was standing around watching and chatting with both of them, when Ashke realized where I was. He whinnied and I called back to him. He started flipping his head at me. He was not happy at all that I was in Cali's run and he was alone in his own.

Cali didn't care. She wanted more love. But the long I waited for Michelle, the more upset Ashke got. It should be interesting when Nicole is gone, because I am going to hand walk Cali for exercise for two weeks. Ashke is not going to be happy.


Michelle said Ashke's feet looked so much better. He only needed a maintenance trim and the only hoof that was completely improved was the one on the right rear. The frog on the right rear is not as hard as the other frogs, and it has spread open in the same way. It is much improved from last time, but still not where she wants it.
When I walked him after the trim and then trotted him, Michelle said his hips are still tight. His legs are moving much more freely, but the top of his hips (SI joint) is still tight. I told her we had moved Ashke off the alfalfa-grass mix and he was now on straight grass and she said that might help. She had seen other horses that were tight in the hips loosen and relax after being moved off of grass. She said it was just something she had observed and we would see if it makes a change in Ashke.
I didn't have time to ride, since it was getting late by the time we were done. Maybe tonight. I'm going to give Ashke some obstacles to work with in the indoor arena, provided there is room. He and I are both tired of going in big circles.

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