Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Looking . . .

So. I am looking at moving barns. For a couple of reasons, but primarily because of the complaints of a couple of boarders directed at T. There have been complaints of his energy level, the games he plays while out there and just him in general. No one has said anything to me. But they have been talking to other people at the barn.

How do I feel about it?

I think that if we aren't welcome, we can certainly take our business elsewhere. In fact, I am going to visit a farm in Golden on Friday. I figured the best way to evaluate the features is through a pro and con list:

  • The new place would be closer to my work once our offices are moved, which is expected to happen the end of October. I might be able to check on Ashke during lunch, be able to do his shoes during my lunch break, and check on him on the way home, if need be.
  • They have a full bathroom facility complete with shower which would allow me to shower and change after riding if I needed to. And you can use the indoor bathroom and sink rather than using a port-o-john.
  • The indoor arena is much larger and treated with a product that helps reduce dust. It also doesn't appear to have the drainage issues that the current indoor arena has, which would make working Ashke feel a lot more stable and safe.
  • There is access to trails directly across the street from the barn. If the canal is ridable, then there might be increased trail access without having to ride on the road.
  • The cost for a stall and turn-out is a bit less than what I am paying now.
  • There is a vet on site and a nutritionist who will work with individual horses to create a complete balanced diet.
  • The stalls are 12 x 16 vs 12 x 12.
  • There is access to bike trails across the street. J and T could geocache or we could ride together.
  • According to the barn manager, there are a lot of boarders who trail ride, either from the barn or trailering to a nearby location.
  • He might have a stall next to other horses, instead of being isolated like he is now.
  • The barn is close to Jackson and might make it easier for L to ride with me.
  • I would have to move Ashke and get him settled in a new place. That would be really stressful for him.
  • I would no longer be able to work with Nicole.
  • Ashke would go from seven days of turn-out to four.
  • We would have to start all over getting to know people.
  • T would no longer be able to see Jake at the barn.
To be honest, the biggest con I am dealing with right now is not being able to ride with Nicole. I respect her so much and really enjoy interacting with her. It will be really difficult to possibly lose that connection.

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