Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No Room

We were out of Amplify, which gave me a great opportunity to go out to the barn to see Ashke last night. I stopped by Murdocks on the way to work yesterday morning (after voting) and picked up 30lbs. I really wish they carried the 50 lb bag, but they only carry the tub. Once we move to TMR, we will be filling the baggies for his bin and I will know in advance when we are running out.

He is looking so good. He is adding muscle to his shoulder, back and butt. The only thing that has changed was adding the Lysine to his diet. He's not back sore after I ride. Of course, I haven't been riding for long, because we are inside and I just can't force myself to ride inside for more than 30 minutes or so.

Last night was especially painful. Gary had two clients in the indoor arena and they were riding in circles using the majority of the ring. It made it really hard for me to find any room to ride. He didn't try to minimize his room, like Chris did, and Nicole said it was even worse earlier. She was on Callie, Patty was on Sunny, Alex was on Gotcha, and Paul was on Rupert working with his trainer. And then Gary showed up with two clients and their horses. By the way, I'm not impressed with anyone who's horse stops with his head up and his mouth wide open. And if you work with your horse you wouldn't need to know how to leverage the bit in the horse's mouth, which Gary waxed eloquent about for a good fifteen minutes.

Ashke and I walked and trotted for warm up for fifteen minutes or so. I did a few of the walk for ten steps, trot for ten steps, which he liked better than the five and five. Nicole said the transistions would be more difficult on his back and to only do them for one circuit in each direction to start. We also did some cantering. Ashke still struggles to find the correct lead going clockwise. I think I need to work him on the corners, until he understands the cues. I was unable to work figure eights because there was no room. Can't wait for TMR.

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