Wednesday, October 2, 2019


We went from fall temps of mid-70's to early 80's to cold, wet and raining with a high of 50. When I talked to Amanda about Ashke she said he was still warm, but I might want to pull a blanket out and toss on him for the night. I was already planning on being at the barn to pick up the start/finish gates for the National Championship show and getting them over to Chris to pack in the trailer, so I figured I would throw the blanket on him when I got there.

He saw me and came out whinnying and tossing his head. I was walking to the barn in a light drizzle and said "are you cold? Do you want a blanket?" He reared and spun, trotting the length of his run to meet me at his stall. His hair was standing on end when I said hi, and I got the impression from him of a slight shiver running the length of his body. I started searching for his light weight blanket, but then was reminded that his neighbor helped strip the top layer off of it last spring and I threw it away. I grabbed the mid-weight and carried it back to where Ashke was impatiently waiting.

I said "it's a little heavier than you might need, but you will be warm. Do you still want it?"

He nickered and tossed his head.

I opened the stall door and went to step inside and he moved to position himself so that I could toss the blanket on him (he never does that). I got it snapped and buckled while he tossed his head violently up and down in a "yes do that please" movement. Once all the straps were hooked up, he took a deep breath and settled. Just like a kid curled up on a corner of the couch under a blanket.

I got a strong impression of warmth and contentment, mixed with a heart-felt thank you.

My poor thin skinned desert horse.

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  1. I love it some great horse/ human communication. Ashke is a lucky boy.


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